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Who We Are

We are our membership. For more on our Provincial Partners - Click Here.

Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada has been in the business of serving water skiers, and now wakeboarders, for over 50 years. Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is a non-profit organization. It is the sole national sport governing body and recognized water skiing / wakeboard authority in Canada. It is affiliated with the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) and World Wakeboard Association (WWA). The national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is responsible for developing elite athletes and coaches, and in partnership with its provincial affiliates and local clubs, camps and schools, directs grassroots activities in all towed competitive water sports. Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is the national voice representing all competitive Canadian towed water sports - water skiing, wakeboarding, barefoot, disabled skiing, marathon and show skiing.

Our Mission: To develop and promote organized water skiing, wakeboarding and other towed water sports from beginner to pro.

Our Vision: To become one of the fastest growing sports in Canada.

Our Values: We believe our sport is:

  • Fun and Safe
  • Ethical and Fair
  • Inclusive and Open
  • Member Focused
  • Family Centered

 Canadians Are Leaders On the Water!

In less than fifty years water skiing has grown from a cottage industry to a Pan-American Games sport, and Canada is recognized as a world leader. Canadian skiers and riders have achieved spectacular results, including numerous individual World Championship Gold medals;

  • Charles Blackwell (1955),
  • George Athans (1971, 1973),
  • Pat Messner (1979),
  • Joel McClintock (1979),
  • Judy McClintock (1985),
  • Beth Leboff (1992),
  • Kim de Macedo (1993),
  • Judy Messer (1995),
  • Jeremy Kovak (1997),


  • Jaret Llewellyn (1997, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2007).
  • Whitney McClintock (2009, 2011)
  • In addition, Canada has won the World Team Title at the 1991,1993,1999 and 2009 World Water Ski Championships.

At water skiing's debut in the 1995 Pan American Games Canada took 4 medals, and more recently, earned another 6 medals at the 1999 Pan American Games. Canadians Jaret Llewellyn (1998, 1999) and Susi Graham (1998) won overall World Cup Tour titles. At the 1999 World Championships, Canadian skiers came home with 6 medals, and the Team Title. In 2003, at the Pan-American Games, Jaret Llewellyn lead Canada as the Games Canadian Team Flag Bearer, and finished by bringing home two medals, pulling Canada into third place overall in the Games!
In less than ten years wakeboarding has grown from a cottage activity to a World Class sport, and Canada is recognized as a world leader here too. Canadian riders have achieved spectacular results, including World Champion Jeremy Kovak (1997), and two World Junior Champions, Chad Sharpe (1998), and Jennifer Barker (1999). In addition, Canada consistently places riders in the top 8 at international wakeboard tournaments, including the US Pro Tour, and Wakeboard World Cup. In 2000 Canada placed 2nd at the World Championships.
At the world junior level, Canada is a leader also. We have had a series of Junior World Champions, some of whom have gone on to the Open Team and win even more significantly:

  • Jaret Llewellyn, Tricks (1986),
  • Kim deMacedo, Slalom (1988),
  • Jeremy Kovak, Jump (1990),
  • Karissa Wedd, Jump (1998),
  • Ryan Dodd, Jump (2000),
  • Aaron Rathy, Tricks (2002),
  • Jason McClintock, Slalom, Trick, Overall (2004)
  • Whitney McClintock, Overall (2004)
  • Whitney McClintock, Slalom, Jump (2006)

Canadian Water Ski / Wakeboard Demographics

  • Participants - 3.4 million (tried the sport at least once) 
  • Recreational - 65,000 (3 - 4 x/wk during summer)
  • WSWC Membership - 8,000
  • Gender - male 78% female 22% 
  • Age: 
    • under 18 45% 
    • 30 - 39 10% 
    • 18 - 29 35% 
    • 40+ 10% 
  • Income: 
    • 10% of household earnings are under $40,000 per annum 
    • 35% of household earnings are between $40,000 - $60,000 per annum 
    • 55% of household earnings are over $60,000 per annum 
  • Occupations: 
    • Business/Management 30%
    • Labor 5% 
    • Professional 25% 
    • Clerical 5% 
    • Self Employed 20% 
    • Other 15%