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Jeff McClintock
Mike McComb

Steve Gosse
Kim Reid

Rob Bocock
Louis Simard

Vern Oberg
Dr. Ross Outerbridge

Roger Codere
Dr. Ian Reid

Steve Bush
Peter Person

Jean Perrault
Clint Ward


Builder Award

The WSWC Builder is a very special award that recognizes an individual for long term, outstanding commitment and contribution to the growth and development of water skiing in Canada. This award is presented at the Annual General Meeting of WSWC. Recipients are selected from among the received nominations by WSWC. 

** Discontinued effective 2007 in consideration of the creation of the Builder Category within the WSWC Hall of Fame* 


2006  Linda Carroll

2005  Peter Person

2004  Steve Bush

2003  Dr. Ross Outerbridge

2002  Dave Kovak

2001  Charlie Pope

2000  Louis Simard

1999  Steve Gosse, Vern Oberg

1998  Jean Perrault

1997  Marlene Singbeil

1996  Not awarded

1995  Not awarded

1994  Kim Reid

1993  Not awarded

1992  Not awarded

1991  Wendy Rutherford

1990  Not awarded

1989  Wes Graham

1988  Wally Sokolowski

1987  Jean Perrault

1986  Rob Bocock, Clint Ward

Jeff McClintock

Jeff started waterskiing at the age of 4 and began competing at age 7. He quickly advanced in all three traditional events  and skied at his first Canadian Championships in 1969 and  his last in 2001. With a competitive career spanning over 30 years, Jeff has won numerous provincial, regional and national titles and set several records along the way. 

In 1979, Jeff was selected to Canada’s National Water Ski Team and competed in his first World Championships the same year. He maintained his position on the National Team for eight more years, competing for Canada at the 1981, 1983 and 1985 World Championships and achieved a top 10 finish in at least one event in each. Jeff also represented Canada at the World Games in England in the early ‘80s. He retired from the National Team, due to injury and family commitments in 1987. 

Following his retirement from the National Team, Jeff began the next and equally impressive phase of his water skiing career. He shared his skills and passion for the sport as coach at the McClintock’s Ski School. He actively pursued coaching education; rising to become Canada’s most highly certified coach – Level 4 within the National Coaching Certification Program. He became a National Team Coach in 1988 working with National Team Head Coach Steve Bush. Jeff then became the Junior National Team Coach, leaving that position in 2001/2002 when his children, Jason and Whitney were being considered for positions on the Junior National Team.

Officiating became another key contribution area for Jeff. In the early 1990’s Jeff’s skills as an International rated tournament driver made him a popular fixture on the Ontario and national tournament scene. He also rose through the judges ranks to become RC (record capability) rated. His driving and judging skills, and his ability to fix almost anything led him into the world of the technical controller, another position where he also achieved an RC rating.

Today, he is the unquestioned “go to” man for tournaments throughout Eastern Canada. Jeff brings an unparalleled talent to any tournament: International driver, Level 3 judge, RC technical controller and handyman. With Jeff on board you have a multitude of highly qualified services in one man, ready and anxious to cover every need.

His reputation as an accomplished site installation and course certification expert led him to an international call of duty as well. Among his international exploits is his continued involvement, 8 years running, with the U.S. Masters, arguably one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. One of his crowning achievements was to install dual jump courses on Robin Lake so the ramp and course could be turned 180 degrees, depending on in-competition wind conditions, within 20 minutes.

Jeff McClintock is a true sport Builder, and one of the sport’s most multi-faceted contributors. 



Mike McComb

Mike McComb was born in Lusaka, Zambia, from where he then emmigrated to Canada in 1977 to live in Calgary. In 1990 at the age of 24, Mike purchased his first wakeboard and immediately knew this was where his life would lead him. He joined the British Columbia Water Ski Association in 1994 and, as wakeboarding was emerging as a new and popular discipline, became the first wakeboard chair of the organization. 

In the early years with BCWSA, Mike organized the rules and regulations and developed officiating levels for Canada. He traveled across Canada teaching officiating clinics and helped provincial water ski associations’ work with the growing wakeboard community. Mike organized the first wakeboard event on McIvor Lake at the Campbell River water ski club where Mike took home 1st place. He also competed at the National Championships where he placed 2nd in the Masters category. 

Mike ran the BC Wakeboard Tour from 1995-2002. He was the first chair of the national Wakeboard committee for Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada in 1996 and is still a member of the committee. Mike Chief Judged several Canadian Wakeboard Nationals and every Wakestock event in Ontario since 1998. In 2000, Mike’s passion for officiating and organizing wakeboarding was noticed by the World Wakeboard Association (WWA) and the US Pro Wakeboard Tour. Mike officiated the US Pro Tour and at the WWA Wakeboard Worlds and US Nationals. After a short while, Mike was Chief Judging pro wakeboard events. 

In 2003, with the help of his brother Derek, Mike developed a computer program for running wakeboard events. The program was purchased by the WWA and is currently used on the US Pro Tour and at all WWA sanctioned events around the world. In 2004, Mike became Vice President at the WWA and the Head of Rules, Regulations and Officials. Since then, Mike has been traveling the world Chief Judging the WWA World Series of Wakeboarding and training new officials in other countries. In 2007, he continued traveling the world to Chief Judge the WWA World Series of Cable Wakeboarding. Mike’s long tenure as a significant leader and active organizer for wakeboarding development in Canada and abroad is cause for Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada to recognize him as a major Builder of the sport.

Currently, Mike is living in Delta, British Columbia with his wife Kelly and their 3 daughters, Cassandra, Nicola and Madison. He is a practicing optician and together, he and his wife own an optical store and optometrist’s practice in Richmond, BC. 



Steve Gosse

Steve Gosse’s direct experience with the sport of water skiing began as a participant in 1956, continued as a competitor in 1974 and an administrator in 1975. He is currently the Chair of the WSWC Technical Committee, a member of the WSWC Officials Committee and is an active Pan-Am level official. Steve is a WSWC “builder”, a Canadian record holder in Men 5Slalom, Trick and Jump in 1999, and an AlbertaAchievement Award recipient.

Steve has held many positions over the years at both the provincial and national level. He has been the Executive Advisor for Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta from 1976 until present. He has been the WSWA Officials Coordinator from 1986 until present (also known as the ROC). He was the Coaching Coordinator (1977-1982) and the newsletter editor (1975-1977) for WSWA, and has helped re-write the Classic Rule Book annually. At the national level he was on the Executive Board 1979-1981 and also 1995-2007. He has been the National Technical Committee Chairman 1989-present. He was the Rules Committee Chairman 1983-1988 and the National Officials Committee Chairman 1978-1983.

Steve was on the cover of the Ski Nautique in 1978. One of his many injuries happened after the picture was taken. He was put on the cover after he wrote his now famous song, “On the Cover of the Ski Nautique”. He has suffered many injuries over the years from water skiing and now wears more braces than anyone else when he water skis. Steve also has sat on the Masters Swimming Board for Alberta as Chair (1983-1985), Vice Chair (1982-1983), for Canada as Chair (1981-1983) and International as Treasurer (1986-1992).

Steve has received much recognition for hisefforts. He won the Alberta Achievement Award from the Government of Alberta for Volunteerism, the Water Ski Canada Builder Award (1999), the Water Ski Canada Official of the Year Award (2004), the Lorraine Kroetsch Memorial Award which was for the 1981 WSWA long term dedication to volunteering in water skiing, and the City of Edmonton Salute to Excellence Award.



Kim Reid

Kim Reid was born in Selkirk, Manitoba in 1954. At the age of four, he was introduced to the sport of water skiing. He began competing at six years of age, and became a member of the Manitoba Water Ski Team at the first Canada Summer Games in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1969. Between 1969 and 1992, Kim competed in every National Championships. He was the winner of many National titles and former holder of provincial and national age group slalom records.

As a member of the National Team from 1971 to 1977, he competed in the 1971 World Championships in Banyoles, Spain, the 1972 Olympics in Kiel, Germany, the 1973 World Championships in Bogotá, Columbia and the 1975 World Championships in London, England. His best placement was a tie for 7th in slalom at the 1971 World Championships.

Upon his graduation from high school in 1972, Kim was awarded the Governor’s General Medal. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manitoba in 1978. In his final year at law school, Kim was on the Dean’s Honour List and received the Jack Rice Memorial Scholarship for the highest mark in Administrative Law. Kim moved to Calgary in 1980 to join the law firm of Atkinson McMahon. His practice was focused primarily on securities and commercial law. Kim became a partner at Atkinson McMahon in 1984, was a member of the firm’s Management Committee from 1987 to 1991 and Chairman of the Committee from 1989 to 1991. In 1992, Kim left Atkinson McMahon to join two other lawyers to start an income tax planning, implementation and dispute resolution law firm. In 2005, Kim joined Signalta Resources Limited, a Calgary oil and gas company, as its General Counsel. Despite being extremely busy with his successful career, Kim still managed to devote much time to the sport of water skiing.Kim’s water ski involvement includes being a member of the National Water Ski Team from 1971 to 1977, President of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada from 1980 to 1982, Chairman of the association’s National Team Development Committee from 1984 to 1996, a member of the national Technical Committee from 1986 to 1994, and the national organization’s representative on the International Water Ski Federation’s Technical Committee from 1988 to 1990.

Kim is now residing in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and children. He is married to his wife Brenda, and has three children, Adam, Taylor, and Kelsey.



Rob Bocock

Rob Bocock was first introduced to waterskiing in the mid-1950s by a group of friends in Saint Anne de Bellevue, Quebec most of whom he had met through his job as a first officer with Trans Canada Airlines. He was hooked immediately and within weeks purchased his first towboat.

In 1958, Bocock moved to Hudson, Quebec and collaborated with another Trans Canada Airlines pilot, Clint Ward to establish the Hudson Water Ski Club where they put on many shows throughout the summer. In 1961 Audrey Gallagher, one of the members of the Hudson Water Ski Club, along with Bocock and Ward attended their first tournament, the 1961 Canadian Championships in Picton, Ontario.  During the 1962 water ski season the Hudson group were a fixture at tournaments in Eastern Canada and sent a fairly large contingent to Minnedosa, Manitoba for the Canadian championships where Bocock achieved a second place overall finish in the tournament. 

The following summer, Bocock was successful in winning a number of tournaments including his first Canadian overall championship at Caledonia, Ontario. This led to a position on the 1963 Canadian National Water Ski Team and a trip to Vichy, France for the 1963 World Championships where he placed 13th overall. He was member of the water show team at Expo 67.

From 1963 to 1993 Bocock succeeded in winning 12 Canadian championships including first overall at least once in each of the five age divisions current at that time. He was also the first Canadian to trick over 2000 points and over the years held numerous records in jump and one in slalom.Following his competitive days, Bocock got involved in tournament boat driving and in the design and building of water skis. During the late 60’s and early '70s he worked with both the major Canadian water ski manufacturers, Sea Gliders and Canadian ABC, and was involved in the design of virtually all of the competition water skis manufactured in Canada at that time. 

Also during the late 1960s Bocock served on the Board of the Canadian Water Ski Association, a position that he filled for a number of years. He was eventually made coach of the National Water Ski Team and during the 1968 and 1969 seasons hosted a number of tournaments including the National Championships. He served as President in 1979. The early '70s found him predominantly rigging and supplying boats and motors to the Regions and during this period Bocock became Chief Boat Driver for the Canadian Water Ski Association, a position he held for many years.

Bocock continued to be appointed to drive at the National and International levels and over a period of 30 plus years drove in three World Championships – he was Chief Driver in the 1979 World Championships in Toronto, 6 Group championships and over 25 National championships not to mention dozens of Eastern and Western championships and countless smaller tournaments. 

For nearly 35 years boats owned or provided by Roblin Enterprises, the company he founded with his wife, were in use at virtually every major water ski event in Canada. 



Louis Simard

Louis Simard Louis Simard’s involvement in the world of water sports began in the early 1960s, where as a barefoot water skier, he began setting records in slalom and endurance, a trend which would continue from his time in the age 17 to 24 division through to his current record in the age 65-69 division.  Although Simard's involvement as an athlete are quite remarkable, his work as a builder for the sport of water skiing has represented a significant contribution to the sport's development in Quebec and Canada over the last 4 decades.

In 1964, Simard founded the ski club "Les Marsoins de Pointe-aux-Trembles" and became the club's president. This led to his initial post as Director of the Fédération Quebecoise de ski nautique.  Throughout the 60s and 70s Simard was also the President of the Canadian Kite Flyer Association, was the President and Chairman of the 25th Canadian Water Ski Championships, held various positions with the Québec Games, including vice-president and treasurer, and was the liaison for French media at the 1979 World Water Ski Championships held in Toronto. Simard also began his involvement on the Executive Board of Water Ski Canada, a position he held from 1970 through to 2008.

The 80s and 90s saw Simard working hard for marathon skiing through his efforts in its organization, promotion and liaisons with the media. Throughout this time, he continued his involvement in an administrative capacity as vice-president and president of the Fédération Quebecoise de ski nautique as well as serving as the Chairman of the organizing committee forthe Canadian Barefoot Championships in 1991 and 1996.

More recently, Simard has worked tirelessly in the organization of various water ski, adaptive water ski and barefoot events sitting on countless organizing committees in various capacities. Simard has also been involved as a judge at various levels of competition including acting as Chief Judge at the 1999, 2005 and 2007 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

He has served as President of the Fédération Quebecoise de ski nautique, through various points in time including from 1964 through to 1970, 1971 to 1973, and again from 1989 until 2010. He has been involved in over 42 years in the organization and judging of water ski competitions.

Through his efforts over the last four decades, Simard has contributed to the continuous advancement of our sport both nationally and internationally. 



Vern Oberg

Vern Oberg has been involved in Canadian water  skiing for over five decades. He first became a  member of Water Ski Canada (now Water Ski and  Wakeboard Canada) in 1959 and since then has  been involved as a member of various local,  provincial, national and international committees. 

From 1977 through to 1980, Oberg held the  position of president of the Wizard Water Ski Club  in Alberta and continued his affiliation with them  from 1985 to present day, fulfilling every role from  treasurer to president. In 1992 he became the  president of Water Ski Alberta.  Oberg also began to broaden his involvement to the  national level by becoming a member of the Water  Ski Canada Officials Committee for 12 years  beginning in 1986. He eventually became the  president of Water Ski Canada from 1993-95 and  stayed involved as past president from 1995-2001.  His contributions to the international stage began in 1994 when he became a member of the  International Water Ski Federation’s Executive Board as the president for the IWSF Pan Am Region, serving both positions for a full decade. 

During this time, Vern was instrumental in water skiing being added to the Pan Am Games program  in 1995 and in each subsequent Pan Am Gamessince. 

At present, Oberg remains as one of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Representative on the Canadian Olympic Committee where he has beensitting since 1993.



Dr. Ross Outerbridge

Dr. Ross Outerbridge was involved with Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada as a volunteer for over a quarter century with duties ranging from coaching to officiating to providing medical support. The broad range of duties as well as the sustained dedication shown through the many years of volunteer work are the basis for his induction into the WSWC Hall of Fame. 

Outerbridge began his contributions to WSWC in 1976 as a member of the national coaching committee, chairing it from 1981-86. While attaining his undergraduate degree he began writing and editing virtually every NCCP coaching and course conductor manual for the association. It is estimated that in his 24 year involvement with the coaching program he delivered technical courses to more than 900 water ski coaches. 

In addition to writing and teaching about coaching, Outerbridge has coached a provincial water ski team as well as the Canadian junior national team. He served on the national team committee for over 20 years and spent more than 10 years as chair. In 1987 he initiated a national sport science committee and program, chairing it from 1987-2003, which helped to better prepare athletes for international competition. 

Additionally, he has spent countless hours officiating as a certified judge at water ski competitions, managed teams at international competitions, cared for national team athletes as team physician for over a decade, served on host committees, shared his vision and passion as a member of Water Ski Canada’s Executive Board for five years, chaired the international body’s medical commission for over 10 years, and has participated in various World Anti Doping Association symposia and educational activities all while maintaining the rigorous schedule of an orthopaedic surgeon. 

If those contributions weren’t enough to warrant this induction then add his role as a worldrenowned water ski photographer who has contributed more than 600 photographs for use in WSWC’s official magazine, publications and web page, as well as his philanthropy, donating thousands of dollars to WSWC’s Fund of Excellence. 

Throughout all of his roles Outerbridge has always exemplified the highest of ideals, encouraging excellence via fair and ethical means, putting the needs of athletes foremost, and has led others as he conducts himself; with an unwavering belief in the value of sport, with compassion, and with the ability to have fun and inspire fun in others.



Roger Codere

Roger Codere learned to water ski in 1957. Two years  later he began competing as a jumper in Quebec  tournaments. Between 1960 and 1964 he competed in  jumping at the national and North American level.  During the 1960s and 1970s, Roger Codere was a  significant contributor to the technical side of the sport of  water skiing. When the World Technical Committee  (now the Tournament Council) was expanded from three to nine members in 1974, Roger changed his role from being an advisor to the committee to signing on for a full membership. From 1975 to 1978 he acted as Chairman of the Committee. 

Roger was always very active as a judge, serving at four World Championships and the 1972 Olympics. In 1975 he was accorded the honour of being Chief Judge for the World Championships at Thorpe Water Park in Surrey, England. 

During the 1967 World Championships in his hometown of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Roger acted as the Assistant tournament chairman and Chief On-site Official. From 1977–78 he served a term as President of the Canadian Water Ski Association. In 1996 Roger was the second Canadian ever to be inducted into the IWSF Hall of Fame. 

‘’Being an official and a member of technical committees at the international level was the career highlight for me,’’ said Codere. ‘’It gave me an opportunity to travel to many places around the world and meet so many great people. Water skiing is a people sport, there is always mutual cooperation along with the competition and that’s what has always kept me involved.’’



Dr. Ian Reid

 It is only fitting that Dr. Ian Reid be nominated to the  Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Hall of Fame as he  is a true pioneer of the sport in Canada.  In 1951 Ian, along with his father Dr. W.W. Reid,  introduced water skiing to western Canada. Together they founded the Selkirk Seals Water Ski Club in Selkirk, MB and two years later Ian was a founding  member of the Manitoba Water Ski Association, the first provincial Water Ski Association in Canada. 
Over the years, Reid served on countless committees and councils: from 1972-76 he acted as the VicePresident of Competition for the Canadian Water Ski Association; a few years later he became President of the Association (1975-76); in 1975 Ian was the 
Canadian Water Ski Association representative to the World Water Ski Congress in London England and in 1976 he represented the Association once more at the Pan Am Group 1 Congress in Mexico. In 1976, as a result of his invaluable work, Reid became a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Canadian Water Ski Association. 
Ian also judged at numerous regional, provincial, national and international tournaments from the 50’s to the 80’s. He was a Chief Judge in Canada at all levels for many years and conducted judging clinics in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 60’s and 70’s. In 1985 Reid judged at the first World Masters Water Ski Championships in Bala, ON. 
Perhaps Ian’s greatest contribution to the sport has been his commitment to safety. He was a chairman of 
several water safety committees provincially and nationally for many years. Reid actually introduced 
safety helmets to water ski jumping, now a mandatory safety precaution in many countries around the world. 
Reid is the creator and Curator of the Manitoba Museum of Water Skiing, housed in the Manitoba Marine Museum. It is his love of the sport of water skiing that propelled him to write “A history of Water Skiing in Manitoba.” Ian Reid has been highly involved in many other sports as well. In 1980, Ian Reid received the Government of Manitoba Sports & Recreation Plaque for service on the organizing committee of the first Manitoba Summer Games. From 1980 to the present Ian has been on the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame  Committee.  In 1983, he was awarded “The Order of Canada,” the centrepiece of Canada’s honour system. The award  recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. 
Three years later he was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame(Builder Category) and was given the Government of Manitoba Community Service Certificate of Appreciation. In 2003, Ian Reid received the Queen Elizabeth “Golden Jubilee Medal” which is awarded to Canadians who have made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or to Canada as a whole. Reid received a Medical Degree and Surgery Diplomafrom the University of Manitoba and practiced Medicine in Selkirk from 1960 to 1986. He has been married to his wife Ruth for 54 years and has three children, Kim, a Corporate Lawer in Calgary AB, Bruce, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and Patty, an operating room nurse in Winnipeg, MB. 
‘’Water skiing has been my life, I’ve gotten so much out of it,’’ said Dr. Reid, whose son Bruce was inducted in 2005 and his grandson Brody is a star in American college water skiing. ‘’It’s the only true family water sport. It’s been fun to see the sport 
evolve from ski shows to competitions and from competitors wearing WWII helmets to the specialized gear of today. I'm proud of my achievements and proud how the sport has been an important part of my family's life.’’

Steve Bush

Steve Bush began his coaching career at the Vancouver Water Ski Club, quickly moving up to also coach the Provincial Team for several years. In 1978, he was asked to be the National Team coach, a position he still holds today after 28 years. Steve dedicated himself to guiding, nurturing and monitoring the development of Canada’s high performance athletes for 3 decades.

He has served on the national coaching committee for over 20 years helping to author and edit the association’s coaching manuals and has been an active member of the National Team Development and Sport Science Committees. He currently serves as WSWC’s master coach for Level 4 and 5 NCCP candidates. He has been recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada with 5 Petro Canada Coaching Leadership Awards. His coaching played an integral part in the Canadian Team winning team titles at World Championships in 1991, 1993 and 1999 as well as the Pan Am Games in 1995, 1999, and 2003.

He has helped Canadian athletes win 11 world championship gold medals, 23 silver and bronze medals, 18 medals in Pan Am Games (including 8 gold’s), and 11 world junior gold medals. In 2005 he was the recipient of WSWC’s Builder Award for outstanding and long serving contributions to the sport in Canada. Steve’s dedication has significantly helped Canada become one of the strongest and most respected water ski nations in the world.

‘’It’s a real thrill to get this award,’’ said Bush. ‘’I always feel like I’m doing my job and the best thing I’ve done is surrounded myself with great people. My recipe for success has been in planning and making sure our athletes are also great citizens.’’



Peter Person

Peter Person has been involved in organized water skiing at every level, as an active competitor and volunteer, and at every different level from club, provincial, national and international. As a skier, he holds many Provincial and National Championship Titles and is a National Record Holder. Peter was President of the British Columbia Water Ski Association from 1989-95 and then was elected as President of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, a position he held for 9 years until 2004.

He has been a member of WSWC’s Official's Committee, WSWC’s Technical Committee, the IWSF’s Pan-Am Region Technical Council, and the IWSF’s Tournament Council. In 1993 he was a Technical Advisor at the Canada Summer Games. Peter has been an International Level Judge since 1988 and has served at many world level events including: the 1993 World Championships in Singapore, the 1997 World Championships in Medellin, Columbia, the 1998 Jr. World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, the 1999 World Championships in Milan, Italy, the 1995, 1999 and 2003 Pan-American Games and the 2002 and 2003 US Masters. He was the Chief Judge at the 1992 Pan-American Championship in Bogota, Columbia and the 1992 and 1997 Canadian Nationals.

In spite of Peter’s overwhelming involvement in the sport, he still finds time to be an Electrical Engineer specializing in data and voice networking technologies. By tapping into his technical background, he was able to develop SkiScore, a software program used in water ski tournaments to keep track of results. Peter has also acted as WSWC’s webmaster since 1999.

“I’m very surprised and honoured,” said Person. “I certainly find myself in pretty fine company. I’ve enjoyed my volunteer work that I’ve been able to put in. It’s been very rewarding. I see a lot of positive growth in the sport and the emergence of wakeboarding and its integration into our sport has been very exciting.”


Leadership Roles: 
President, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (1995-2004) 
International Level Judge (since 1988) 
Member, WSWC Official's Committee (since 1988) 
Member, WSWC Technical Committee (since 1996) 
Member, IWSF Pan-Am Region Technical Council, (since 1997) 
Member, International Water Ski Federation Technical Council, (since 1997)
President, BC Water Ski Association (1989-95) 
Technical Advisor, 1993 Canada Summer Games

Major Officiating Activities: 
Judge, 1999 World Championships, Milan ITA 
Judge, 1997 World Championships, Medellin, COL 
Judge, 1993 World Championships, Singapore 
Judge, 1998 Jr. World Championships, Edmonton 
Judge, 2002, 2003 US Masters 
Judge, 1995, 1999, 2003 Pan-American Games 
Chief Judge, 1992 Pan-American Championship, Bogota COL 
Chief Judge, 1992, 1997 Canadian Nationals 
Judged at every Canadian Nationals since 1998

Competitive Involvement: 
Active competitive skier since 1974 
Many Provincial and National Championship Titles 
National Record Holder

Professional Engineer – (B.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Univ. of B.C.) 
Data and Voice Networking Technologies



Jean Perrault

Jean Perrault has had a distinguished career in the sport of water skiing, claiming many national titles and 8 Canadian records in the tricking event. He would soon move onward from his athlete status to assuming executive roles in the sport, and then establishing a successful career in politics.

As a member of the National Team, Jean traveled all over the world to compete at World Championships in 1963 (France), 1965 (Australia), 1967 (Sherbrooke) and 1969 (Denmark). From there, he extended his extensive knowledge and skill of water skiing to coaching a variety of teams, including the National Team at the World Water Ski Championships in 1971 (Spain) and 1973 (Columbia). From 1970 to 1972, Jean was the coach of Quebec’s Provincial Team, and in 1972 he traveled to the World Cup in Tahiti as a team coach for the Americas.

1968 marked a new endeavour in Jean’s career. He created a municipal water ski school in Sherbrooke, which still exists today and is one of the oldest municipal water ski schools in the world. He served as the director of the school for 7 years and then continued as President. During this time, Jean organized La Fête du Lac des Nations which helped the school to raise funds in order to purchase new towboats. La Fête continues to be a popular annual event. He also became the Athletic Director of the University of Sherbrooke from 1969 to 1994. His desire to build and expand sporting facilities didn’t stop with water skiing. He was directly involved in having Sherbrooke host the 2003 World Junior Track and Field Championships. To facilitate this event, a 10 million dollar stadium was built at the University.

Jean’s experience enabled him to become a welcome executive member of the Quebec Water Ski Federation, where he served as President for 2 years and Director for 4 years. He also became President of Water Ski Canada, and then Secretary General of Group 1 of the International Water Ski Federation along with being a member on their executive board.

With many outstanding achievements to his credit, Jean was elected to the Municipal Council of Sherbrooke in 1982. Twelve years later, he became the city’s mayor. Today, he continues as the Mayor of Sherbrooke and is a tireless supporter of water skiing. Surrounding the lake in the middle of the city, Jean has created a formal walking trail which includes Place des Nations where the flags of all the countries who competed in the 1967 World Water Ski Championships and a permanent photograph of the 1967 Canadian Team are displayed.

Jean Perrault is an ambassador of water skiing in Canada. He represents influence, passion, and achievement at the highest level of the sport. His leadership is felt throughout Sherbrooke, and the water skiing community.



Clint Ward

Clint Ward has an extensive involvement in the sport of water skiing. His knowledge and talent has extended far beyond the status of being a competitive athlete and coach. Much of his post-athlete experience involves assuming executive positions for championships, committees, associations, and essentially anywhere he can find some way to make a contribution.

While growing up in Saskatoon, most of Clint’s athletic interest was geared towards football. Unbeknownst to him, he would dominate the sport of water skiing while pursuing titles on the water followed by service as a Coach, President of several organizations, and Chairman of various committees along with many other accreditations.

As a competitive water skiing athlete, Clint won Canadian Championship titles in the slalom and tricking events in the Men’s and Senior Men’s division. In 1968, he held the Canadian slalom and trick records in his division. He would later go on to compete and win slalom and tricks in the Veteran’s division at the 1974 Can Am Championships.

From 1960 to the present, Clint has dedicated his life to amateur sport. In developing strong leadership skills, he assumed the role of National Team Coach from 1965 – 1968 and then as Team Leader for the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 when water ski was presented as a demonstration sport.

Being identified as a dedicated and determined visionary, Clint made his way to being President of such organizations as the Ontario Water Ski Association, Canadian Water Ski Association, Vice-President of Group 1 of the World Water Ski Union, and Vice-President of the Sport Federation of Canada. He chaired the organizing committees of the 1966 and 1969 Nationals as well as the 1967 and 1979 World Championships. He was a staff member of the 1976 Canadian Olympic Winter Games team and is a graduate of the Olympic Academy of Canada. In recognition of all his efforts in the sport, Clint was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1979.

Since 1968, Clint has also been involved in many media related activities. Until 1993, he was a water ski commentator on CBC and TSN television, and also did some CBC radio reports until 1990. In addition to having many magazine and column articles to his credit, he has co-authored a best-selling instructional book on water skiing with 2004 WSWC Hall of Fame Inductee and World Champion, George Athans.

Because of his extraordinary and valuable efforts, Clint’s contribution has helped raise the success of Canadian water skiing on an International level. He has a recognized reputation of determination and strength of character throughout the water skiing and sport community.