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Cable skiing is very similar to water skiing except that instead of being pulled by a motorboat, the skier is pulled by an electric-powered cable system. A cable ski system operates on the same concept of the common "T-Bar" system used for winter ski lifts with a few important design alterations. It works by pulling you on your water skis, wakeboard or any other towed watersports device, around a lake. Cables are erected 8 - 12 meters above the water's surface and you are pulled with a variable speed electric motor capable of maintaining speeds up to 68 km/h. Cable Skis can accommodate many users per hour, with most cables circulating 8-12 riders at one time.

Cable skiing is safe, clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly. The system is controlled by a computer and takes relatively little power. Since cable skiers are pulled via electric power motors instead of motorboats, there is no risk oil or fuel contamination. 
The major advantage of cable skiing is that there is no expensive motorboat needed, this makes it very affordable for the individual skier. With new cable ski courses being built in North America and with the ever-increasing numbers of skiers taking to the cable, the future of cable skiing looks very bright.

Full Cable Facilities

Adrenaline Adventures Cable Park
600 Caron Road 
Headingley, MB R4H 1B4 
Phone: 204-800-2060 
Fax: 204-800- 2059

Beach Club
701, 38e Rue 
Pointe-Calumet, Québec J0N 1G2 
Phone: (450) 473-1000 
Fax: (450) 473-1001

Straight Line Cable Facilities

Pop Wake School
Saint-Zotique, Québec 
(450) 267-7910

Sarnia, Ontario 
(519) 328-3070

Sessions Wakeboard Park
824 Renfrew Rd, Nine Mile River, 
Nova Scotia, B2S 2W5, Canada 
(902) 877-5477