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Pete Andrews

Home Town: Saskatoon
Coaches: LeRoss Calnek 
Sponsors: URO Medical Supplies

Pete Andrews has been on the National Adaptive Team for 9 years. Having always loved fast speeds and sports that kept his adrenaline going, Pete’s attraction to water ski was natural.  When Pete was 33 when he was in a motorcycle accident which left Pete paralyzed below the chest. Pete looked for sports to engage in such as wheelchair basketball but it wasn’t until he discovered water skiing that he really found a fix for speed. Pete believes Jump to be his strongest event. His highlights include a 16.5 metre jump at the Pan Ams in 2006 and a Gold Jump Medal at the 1999 Worlds (19.3metres). Pete won a Jump Silver at the 2013 Worlds with a 19.4metre jump. Pete enjoys getting other persons with a disability involved in Adaptive Waterskiing whether at the recreational or competitive level.


Ashley Baerg

Home Town: Dalmeny

Ashley Baerg began waterskiing in 2012. Ashley began her professional athletic career as a Paralympic wheelchair basketball player. It was while she was training in Albama that she discovered her love of water skiing. When she got back to Saskatoon she quickly joined a water ski club and began competing. Her highlights include winning first place in jump at the 2013 Disabled World Water Ski Championships, in Italy. Her proudest moment was becoming the first disabled Canadian female athlete to go over a water ski jump, and bringing home five medals from the 2015 Disabled World Water Ski Championships in Elk Grove California. In addition to water skiing Ashley enjoys spending time with family and friends playing cards and games. She also enjoys spending time at the lake.

Nolan Barnes

Home Town: Yorkton
Coaches: Dave Wassil
Sponsors: Northridge development, metamorphosis, Uro medical

Nolan Barnes is a professional water ski athlete, he is also a professional public speaker. In 2010 when Nolan was in high school, his friends and he were driving home from a party. Nolan had decided to take a nap in the back of the car and next thing he knew he woke up in the grass. The vehicle had rolled over and Nolan was thrown approx.. 70 feet. Nolan’s back was completely shattered leaving him wheel chair bound. Instead of viewing this as a negative, Nolan took his experience and shared the tragedies of drunk driving with teens like him. He began public speaking in high schools. Nolan then developed a love of water skiing. He began water skiing in 2011. His highlights include winning trick Nationals in 2012 and 2 gold and a silver medal at Nationals 2013.

Twitter: @Nolan_barnes

Jennifer Cloutier

Home Town: Ottawa

Rob Gosse

Home Town: Langley
Coaches: Dave Wassill

Sheldon Kubashek

Home Town: Saskatoon

Chris Pearson

Home Town: Sakatoon
Coaches: Dave Wassill
Sponsors: URO Medical Supplies

Chris Pearson is a great professional Adaptive Water Skier. Chris began water skiing when he was 30 and since then has grown more passionate about the sport. Prior to water skiing Chris was a Bareback Bronc Rider where he sustained a c7 spinal cord injury from a rodeo accident.   He trains out of the Saskatoon Water Ski Club and has been on the Adaptive team for more than 1 year. His most recent highlights include being the 2013 MP1 Waterski Slalom Canadian Record Holder and being the 2013 MP1 Waterski Trick Canadian Record Holder. In addition to Water Skiing, Chris is extremely passionate about other sports, including Rugby which he competed in for many years. When he is not training or competing in the sport of Water Ski, Chris works for URO Medical where he is a Transition Specialist along with being a mentor to new spinal cord injuries.

Ryan Riehl

Home Town: Saskatoon
Coaches: David Wassil
Sponsors: Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, Wake Video Accessories, Culligan, Bell, Busy Bee Web Design

Ryan Riehl was Canada`s first visually impaired member of the adaptive team and is estimated to be one of only eight competitive blind water skiers competing internationally. Ryan was 9 when he began to lose his vision as a result of a tumour growing on his optic nerves. At 22 years old, Ryan began adaptive water skiing with his coaches LeRoss Calnek and Dave Wassill at the Saskatoon Water Ski Club. He continues to train with the club today, remaining under the guidance of his coach Dave Wassil. In 2009 Ryan was asked to be part of the Canadian team and as a team member he participated in the Disabled World Waterski championship at Vichy, France in 2009, in the USA in 2011, and again in Italy in 2013. He competes and represents Canada internationally, consistently placing in the top five at the World level. Ryan has been a part of the Canadian Adaptive team for 7 years, and was the 2010 and 2012 Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Adaptive Athlete of the Year. Although Ryan also competes in slalom and tricks, jumping is his passion. He broke the Canadian jumping record in both 2011 and 2012. He placed 1st at the Canadian Adapted Waterski Championships in Slalom, Tricks and Jump in 2013, and has the goal is to be the best visually impaired skier in the world.

Twitter: @riehlryan

Gord Tuck

Home Town: Lake Cowichan
Coaches: Shawn Shorsky, Doug Trimble
Sponsors: Tow Rope Water Sports

Gord Tuck is a professional water skier. Gord first learned a love for water skiing at a young age, but it wasn’t until later in life that he would rekindle his passion and begin competing. When he was 18 Gord lost his leg in a forestry accident. It was his first real job and he was sawing branches off felled trees. It was then that a loader truck didn’t see him or hear him over the loud noises, and cut through Gord’s leg. Gord began a long recovery in rehabilitation. On a break  from rehabilitation, Gord decided to try skiing again, a love that stayed with him since childhood. Gord first began competing in Alpine skiing where he represented Canada in the Winter Paralympic Games (1998 & 2002). After ten years of Alpine skiing, Gord switched back in water skiing. His highlights include a bronze medal in the 2003 World Championships and setting a Canadian record in 2008.